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Undergraduate Thesis

List of References



Here are some of the guidelines for your reference page. Your references should include ALL resources that your cited in your thesis. In other words, if you used an in-text citation, I should be able to find the source in your list of references.

  • Your works cited page should be titled References and begin on its own page.
  • Need more information on where your reference is located in your thesis?
  • After the first line of each reference all others should be indented a half inch, this is referred to as a "hanging indentation" and you can format it in Microsoft Word if you highlight the citation right click, and choose paragraph.
  • List your citations in alphabetical order.
  • List page numbers as ranges, first-last (17-23) rather than refer to all pages read.
  • For online resources include URLs / DOIs. You do not need to say "retrieved from" or include the date the information was accessed.
  • Capitalize each word in the titles of your sources except for articles such as the, an, with, etc. Only capitalize those articles that are at the beginning of a title such as The Wizard of OZ.
  • Use italics for titles of works (e.g. books and films).
  • List author names Last, First Initial. Middle Initial (should there be one), such as Campbell, L. G.
  • If you cite more than one work by an author, list them alphabetically by title.
  • Cite a work with no known author by its title.
  • Items that are not text (for example YouTube videos and images) need a [media type] after the title. For instance a reference for a photo would have [photograph] after the title.

Reference Format Examples:




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