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Undergraduate Thesis

Thesis - The Basics

"The starting point for any thesis has to be a critique of present circumstances, which opens up possibilities of radical and practical changes in the world."

- Zegarski / Enos (2016)

What is Thesis?

The Undergraduate Thesis Research Studio offers a unique opportunity to continue your design education at NewSchool. You will plan, develop, and execute a self-generated self-directed architectural research project. You will identify a problem based on your personal interests and propose an architectural solution by navigating and expanding on a given methodology comprised of research and design tasks. You will self-evaluate and clearly convey a critical position grounded in the learning outcomes of the architectural program at NewSchool.

"An architectural thesis should be seen as a desire to map, create, draw, or plan a certain kind of spatiality through a critical/ radical critique of a specific aspect within the process of archietctural production that is representative of everyday life within our current urbanized process of spatial production." Zegarski/ Enos (2016)

Elements of Thesis

The library will only accept Thesis Books that follow the standards outlined here. Make sure you review them and include all required elements. 

  • Front Matter

    • Title Page
    • Copyright Page
    • Thesis Abstract
    • Approvals Page
    • Acknowledgments (optional)
    • Dedication (optional)
    • Table of Contents
  • Body

    • Introduction
    • Thesis Essay
    • Research and Findings
    • Design Solution
    • Conclusion
  • End Matter

    • References
    • List of Figures
    • Glossary of Terms
    • Vita (optional)
    • Appendices (optional as needed/ appropriate)

General Thesis Timeline

  • Summer Quarter
  • Thesis proposal and conceptual video
  • Fall Quarter (AR501)
  • Thesis Essay, Case Studies, Programming, Site Investigation, Research Presentation
  • Winter Quarter (AR502)
  • Project Schedule, Concept Development, Code Analysis, Site Development, Thesis Proposal Document, Design Presentation
  • Spring Quarter (AR503)
  • Plans, Circulation, Structure, Sections, Systems, Interior Studies and Detailing, Storyboard, Final Design Presentation, Final Thesis Document

Submission Deadlines and Instructions

RICHARD WELSH LIBRARY at NewSchool of Architecture + Design

1249 F Street San Diego CA 92101

619 684 8783