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NSAD students are expected to exhibit the highest standards of academic propriety. Academic misconduct prejudicial to the academic integrity of the student, fellow classmates, and/or school will lead to disciplinary action that may include suspension or dismissal. Academic misconduct is defined as the following:

  • Cheating: Cheating includes attempting to receive or receiving assistance from persons, papers, or other material without the permission of the instructor; or the acquisition of an examination and/or quiz prior to the examination date.
  • Plagiarism: Plagiarism is defined as taking and using as one’s own the ideas and writings of another without giving appropriate credit through proper documentation. Providing assistance to a student attempting to cheat or plagiarize is also considered academically dishonest.

The consequences of any such conduct are dependent on the seriousness of the offense that occurred, previous violations of policies and regulations by the student, and the student’s attitude and cooperation as determined by the instructor and/or program chair. Disciplinary action for verifiable academic dishonesty is at the immediate discretion of the instructor. The instructor, program chair and/or Provost may take one or a combination of the following actions depending on the circumstances of the case:

  • The student will receive a zero for the individual effort.
  • The student will receive an “F” in the course for the quarter. If an “F” results as the course grade, the student may be dismissed, or may not meet graduation or financial aid requirements.
  • The student will be dismissed immediately from the school.

Students have the right to appeal to decisions using the student grievance process. 

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