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Richard Welsh Library 2.0: Information Literacy for Design

Information Literacy for Design

Welcome! This course is a requirement for RSH481 Intro to Research. It teaches creative people like you how to find information ethically and use it for inspiration and research. 

Lynda Instructions

How Do I Access LinkedIn Learning?

If you have not used LinkedIn Learning before you must create an account to access this course CLICK HERE and enter your NewSchool email address. You will then receive an email prompting you to create a profile.



1. Complete the online course Information Literacy for Design

  • NOTE: You need a account to view the entire course. If you have not set your account up, see the information box to the left "How Do I Access"

2. Print or Email your Certificate of Completion to your class instructor

  • NOTE: Your Certificate of Completion will appear on the final page of the Lynda Course. You can download or print as a pdf and attach to an email. If the certificate does not appear, go to your account (top right-hand corner) and select Certificates from the menu. Your Certificate will only generate once all videos have been watched. 

IMPORTANT: There will be an in-class activity after completion of this course. Make sure you are prepared by downloading the Socrative Student App and taking lots of notes!

Spring 2019 Instructor:

Trevor Stine:

Click on the video below to begin. information literacy video tutorial

RICHARD WELSH LIBRARY at NewSchool of Architecture +Design

1249 F Street San Diego CA 92101

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