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Race, Design, and the Built Environment

This work is a derivative of "KEY MAP CENSUS TRACTS AND ECONOMIC AREAS OAKLAND CALIFORNIA (1936)" by mk30, used under CC BY.

Our Cities Weren't Created Equal

Cities are complex organisms shaped by myriad forces, but their organization bears the fingerprints of planners and policy makers who have shaped them for decades. At the root of many of these practices is racism, and modern cities bear the legacy of that discrimination (Continue Reading from Fast Company)

General Resources

5 essential books to read on making cities anti-racist 

The conversation around how race impacts the structures of our cities has evolved over the years from an equity framework, to one focused on justice and inclusion, to, today, one that is actively anti-racist.

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Aggregate Architectural History Collaborative 

The Aggregate Architectural History Collaborative is dedicated to advancing research and education in the history and theory of architecture. Aggregate generates, workshops, presents, and publishes innovative scholarship from multidisciplinary perspectives. Aggregate is particularly interested in work that foregrounds the multiple ways in which one can understand architecture’s relationship to the world.


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Anti-Racism Guide: Resources for Education and Action 

This Libguide, organized in consultation with the UC San Diego Library Diversity and Inclusion Committee with contributions from other units across the library, is by no means a definitive guide. The guide is compiled to flow from educating users to the topics of racism and anti-racism, taking a deeper dive into details and exploration of the scholarship, delivering educational resources to use in the classroom or for self-education, and then to build sustained and actionable practices for individuals and institutions.



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Black Landscapes Matter

“To be seen, to live with dignity, and to be connected”
- Alicia Garza

Paul Revere Williams, FAIA 

2017 Gold Medal Recipient
The Gold Medal is the AIA’s highest annual honor, recognizing individuals whose work has had a lasting influence on the theory and practice of architecture.

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Race and Architecture 

Studying the historical intersections of form and culture.

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Architects and designers create Google Docs spreadsheet listing black-owned studios



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The Directory of African American Architects 

 Is maintained as a public service to promote an awareness of who African American architects are and where they are located. The sole qualification for listing is licensure in one of the fifty US jurisdictions and their territories."


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Beyond the Built Environment 

Engages community through architecture to advocate equitable, reflectively diverse environments.

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National Organization of Minority Architects

NOMA’s mission, rooted in a rich legacy of activism, is to empower our local chapters and membership to foster justice and equity in communities of color through outreach, community advocacy, professional development and design excellence.


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SAH Special Booklist: Race and Diversity

Prepared by Barbara Opar, Helena Dean, and the following members of the Syracuse University School of Architecture community: Anna Curtis, Hannah Deichler, Dhvani Doshi and Julia Kazubowski.

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