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Game Art & Animation



It goes without saying that playing video games is the best way animators and designers can learn about design.  Exploring game environments and watching character models quickly reveals the techniques employed by designers and animators to bring a virtual world to life.  Perhaps equally as important are board and card games.  These allow designers to learn the rules and gameplay elements that can be applied to video games. 

Below are some examples of the board, card, and video games currently provided for use by the Richard Welsh Library.

Board and Card Game Collection

Below is a sampling of some of our favorite board/card games available on reference in the library. Hover over an item's title to view its description.

Click here to view a complete list of titles in our Board and Card Games collection

Video Game Collection

The library also has several video games for reference, available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.  Below are some popular titles.

Click here to view a complete list of titles in our Video Game collection

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