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Richard Welsh Library: Academic Integrity Learning Module

Academic and Plagiarism Learning Module


This learning module will teach you about using information ethically. Understanding copyright law, avoiding plagiarism, and using citations are essential to the success of any design student. Complete this learning module by:

1. Watching the three videos 

2. Taking the Quiz

Ste One

STEP ONE: Watch Sections 4 & 5 of the LinkedIn Learning course Information Literacy for Design


STEP TWO: Watch the video below on the basics of APA Citation Style, the standard citation format at NewSchool of Architecture and Design.

STEP THREE: Watch the video below on using images ethically and professionally. 


STEP FOUR: Now that you've watched all required videos, take the Quiz below!

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 RICHARD P. WELSH LIBRARY at NewSchool of Architecture +Design 1249 F Street San Diego CA 92101    MAP   (619) 684 8783

RICHARD WELSH LIBRARY at NewSchool of Architecture +Design

1249 F Street San Diego CA 92101

619 684 8783